Operating System Properties

Operating System Properties

There are various important tasks that operating system handle, these tasks are called as operating system properties.

  • Batch processing
  • Multitasking
  • Multiprogramming
  • Interactivity
  • Real time system
  • Distributive environment
  • Spooling

Batch Processing

It is a technique in which operating system collects a programs and data together in a batch before starting the execution or processing. In this system operating system defines a job with predefined sequence of commands, data and program as a single unit. Without any manual information operating system executes several jobs because operating system keeps various numbers of jobs in memory. The processing of jobs depends on the sequence in which they are submitted like first come first serve. The memory is released when the execution of a job is completed and job’s output gets copied into an output spool for later printing process.


Multiple tasks are executed simultaneously by CPU; they are done by switching the processes between them. In this case switching arises so frequently that the users can interact with each program while it is running. In multitasking user directly gives the instruction to the program or operating system and gets an instantaneous response. This system is also known as time sharing system. Each and every user can have at least one separate job in memory.


Sharing the processor in case when there are two or more processes resides in memory is called as multiprogramming. Multiprogramming is used to increase the proper utilization of CPU by organizing the jobs in such a manner that CPU always has one to execute. In multiprogramming it is assumes that a single shared processor. Operating system keeps a set of several jobs in memory. CPU executes one job at a time which is loaded from main memory. In this system operating system monitors all the state of system resources and active programs using memory management programs to make sure that the CPU is never idle except there are no job.


Interactivity is simply defined as the user is capable to interact with computer system. An interface is provided by operating system to interact with system. Operating system manages input and output devices. There must be very short response time.

Real Time System

Usually dedicated embedded systems are represented as real time system. In this system operating system reads from and react to the sensor data. It must assurance response to events with fixed period of time to make sure the correct performance.  

Distributive Environment

Multiple independed processors or CPUs in a computer system are referred as distributive environment. Operating system distributes computation logics among different physical processors. Each processor has its own local memory rather than sharing the memory or clock. Communication between processors are managed by operating system.


It denotes to pushing data of various I/O jobs in buffer. It is basically simultaneous peripheral operation on line. In this process operating system handles I/O device data spooling as device have diverse data access rate. Operating system maintains the spooling buffer.

Operating System Properties

Operating System Services


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