Operating System Functions

Operating System Functions

There are basic functionalities of operating system functions are given as

  • Booting
  • Memory management
  • Loading and execution
  • Data security
  • Disk management
  • Device management
  • Process management
  • Coordination between other software and users
  • Control over system performance
  • Job accounting
  • Error detecting aids
  • Printing Control



The starting process of computer is called as booting it make computer to start work. It checks the availability of required resources and software for making computer ready to work.

Memory Management

Operating system manage main memory. Main or primary memory is fast storage which can access directly by CPU, so program must be in main memory to execute. Various programs and data execute in memory at the same time, without memory system will not work properly because it can cause of programs mixing or shuffling with each other.

Loading and Execution

Programs need to load in to memory to execute. Operating system make it easy to load the program in memory for execution process.

Data Security

Operating system provide security of data which is stored on disk from illegal use. It keeps data safe from modification and deletion.

Disk Management

Operating system manage the space for disk. It keeps stored folders and data files in appropriate way.

Device Management

Operating system manage the devices which are attached with computer system. Device drivers are used to control the hardware devices.

Process Management

Operating system manage the process because it gets various task to execute, Because CPU can execute one program at a time so operating system has to decide which program should be entered in CPU for execution.

Coordination Between Other Software and Users

Operating system provide assignment and coordination of interpreter, compiler, assembler and other software for several uses of the computer system.

Control Over System Performance

Operating system record the delays between request for service and its response from the system.

Job accounting

OS keeps track of time and resources required and used by numerous jobs and users.

Error Detection

OS provides error detecting aids for production of traces, errors messages, bugs, dumps and so on.

Printing Control

OS manage the printing of files let say system gets two or more printing commands then it never mix these files also keep them separate.

Operating System Overview


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