Operating System Types

Operating System Types

Operating system in a large and complex program which manage the computer hardware for user. Operating system types which are:

  • Batch operating system
  • Time sharing system
  • Distributed system
  • Network system
  • Real time system

Batch Operating system

The batch operating system is a type of system in which user do not directly interact with computer. User had to prepared his job on an offline device such as punch cards and submit it to the computer operator. It was a very slows and time consuming method. It has two types simple batch operating system and multiprogrammed batched system.

Time Sharing Operating system  

Time sharing operating system is also called as multitasking which is basically a logical extension of multiprogramming. This system was introduced to overcome the problems of batch operating system. In time sharing operating system, system has to execute multiple jobs by the CPU switching between them but the switches occur so frequently that the users may interact with each program while it is running. It provides system between user and system.

Distributed system

In Distributed system computer distribute the computing among the various processor. In Distributed system different processors use to execute a program and processors communicate with each other via communication lines such as telephone lines or high speed buses. Distributed system does not share the peripheral devices and memory. This system is also known as loosely coupled system.

Network system

The basic purpose of network based operating system is to provide the facility of sharing files among the different users in a network. Network operating system provide the facility of printer access among the multiple computers in a network typically in a local area network (LAN), a private network or other networks

Real Time System

It is special purpose operating system a real time system is used when there is rigid time requirement on the flow of data of on the processor’s operation so it is often used as a control device in a dedicated application.

operating system types

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