Network Operating System

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Network Operating System

Network operating system use a server to run on and provides server capacity manage user, data, groups, applications, security and other networking functions. Server is a computer which fulfill the request of the user. User request the sever for a particular task which is usually called as client. Client and server are two basic terms in network based operating system. The basic purpose of operating system is to provide the facility of sharing files among the different users in a network. Network operating system provide the facility of printer access among the multiple computers in a network typically in a local area network (LAN), a private network or other networks. In network operating system a central server is used that is highly stable.

Server has the processing or execution power to execute the user’s tasks or requests. Network security is managed by the server. Security is a major concern in network based operating system. In this system hardware can be easily changed according to the technology change. Remote access to the server is available for the remote user. Remotely user can access the server and can avail the services. Different topologies can be used to design the network. There are several examples of network operating system such as Microsoft windows server 2008, Microsoft windows server 2003, Linux, UNIX, Novell NetWare, Mac OS X and BSD. There are some advantages and disadvantages of network operating system which are discussed bellow


  • Server manage the security
  • Highly stable centralized servers
  • New technology can be implements and upgrade
  • New hardware is easily adjustable to the system according to the techonology
  • Server is easily accessible for remote users from different locations and systems


  • Central location dependency for most operations
  • Highly cost method in case of buying and running server
  • Regular maintenance is required
  • Regularly system needs updates

network operating system


Distributed System


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