Points for FYP (Final Year Projects)

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Points for FYP (Final Year Projects)


  • Related persons will only be able to contact us.
  • In order to purchase any Zitoc FYP, you may contact us on below mentioned contact email.
  • we also offer the opportunity to purchase any module of the project individually. e.g., you are willing  to purchase only project .exe or source file, we can make this deal for you. similarly, project proposal, project documentation and project presentation slides are also available to purchase separately.
  • If you want to have some changes in any of the project module, then we will make it ready for you accordingly.
  • Our team will support you till the first time installation of the project on your device (if your are willing to purchase source file).
  • However, at the time of installation you must be responsible to clear all the points related to the project on your side (Team may guide you, amenably and reasonably).
  • Payback system will not be applicable in any context, after the deal is done from both sides.
  • Deal will be fulfilled in working days only. However, you may contact us 24/7.
  • After the deal is done, Our team will not be responsible for any related/unrelated problems on your side.
  • Also would love to have any of the related suggestions from your side, that you may offer us on the contact email mentioned below. Our team will surely review your suggestions and will apply them possibly as well.
  • If you will do some extra ordinary innovative changes in our projects then we will pay you for  that justicely.
  • In case that you have any query, feel free to contact us at below mentioned contact email.
  • Be sure that you are accepting our polices and term & conditions.

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