Pets Record Management System

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Pets Record Management System


“Pets Record Management System” is the first online Pets Sale & Purchase website. It will provide a unique interface to the customer’s .user can create his/her account in order to purchase Pets online and they can order different Pets online and they can get their Pets in at home delivery. Only admin can create accounts of only new Customers. View all Pets and delete them if they are sold out. View all customers’ accounts and do their management. And admin can view all orders and do their delivery. By doing so admin can earn profit on getting products by customers and delivering it to the customers. Profit ratio is fixed on all kinds of products. Orders can be delivered on confirmation of payments checks. They have just facility to increase their sales. On the customers panel customers can view all Pets online uploaded by Admin and they can purchase their desired products online from admin on purchasing Pets they have follow a cash payment system .it could be bank account deposit or money order. And admin can provide home delivery of products on confirmations of payments.

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Pets Record Management System
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