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Law Library


This is application is very useful for lawyer. Lawyer can study about law. Lawyer can search his case easily and read case related articles. This application used for time saving in case preparation. Through this lawyer can find out related case results of other courts.This segment is devoted to expand the procedure beginning from wanting to fulfillment of this project. This report unequivocally puts all vital data which may be required to incorporate the thought with vision. If it’s not too much trouble counsel the thoughts into practice where required by for all intents and purposes running the task on a server.

Major Components to be developed

Front End:

Component 1: Lawyer login User Penal
Component 2: Lawyer Profile
Component 3: Search Case Wise
Component 4: View Article No
Component 5: Feed Back
Component 6: Related Case of other Court


Component 7: Law Books Store
Component 8: Download in Pdf format
Component 9: Print Out
Component 10: Contact Form


Back End:

User Penal

     Component 1: Data Entry (Operator)

     Component 2: User View Profile

Admin Penal

     Component 1: Create Lawyer Account

     Component 2: Create User account

     Component 3: Manage the Lawyer Account (Enable and Disable or Delete account)

     Component 4: Manage the Lawyer Account

     Component 5: Feed Back Management

ID #: zitoc/41

Law Library
Proposal (.doc/pdf) Yes (15$) – Re-adjustable
Documentation (.doc/pdf) Yes (35$) – Re-adjustable
Slides (.doc/pdf) Yes (20$) – Re-adjustable
File (source + .exe) Yes (180$) – Re-adjustable
Demo OK (Free) Download Here
Total Price ($)  (250$) – Re-adjustable


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