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Evolution Of Software Engineering

Evolution and Servicing

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Evolution and Servicing

Evolution Of Software Engineering: In Evolution and Servicing the Rajlich and Bennett in 2000 that are proposed an alternative life cycle of the software.

Difference between Evolution and Servicing:

Evolution is the process in which the small change of the software functionality and architecture that can be made.During the servicing, only the changes that are made by relatively small and necessary information are changed in the servicing.

In which the process of the Evolutions that the software is successfully used and the essential requirements are constantly changed in the evolution. Therefore the software is modified where the structure degrades and change so, their system becomes more and expensive. When the environment of a system is changed after the few years of the user of the system such as hardware and operating system. In some stage, the life cycle of the software is reached at the transition point where the small changes are required, requirements of new implementation and less cost-effective.

There are following steps of the evolution and servicing that are given below.

Step1: Initial Development

Step2: Evolution

Step3: Servicing

Step4: Phase-out

Evolution and Servicing

E-Type Software Evolution


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