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The architecture Antipatterns are mostly focused on the component and structure of the application of the enterprise level and system level. Sometimes the developer design a good software design pattern but another side the anti-patterns are bad. In software engineering, patterns and anti-patterns are most commonly used in software designing. In 1995 the Andrew Koenig and Gang of four’s (GOF) develop the concept of design patterns and anti-patterns and these terms are used in software designing and general social interaction. According to the author, there must be at least two key elements are used to distinguish between the bad practices and a bad idea and simple bad habit.

  • Some patterns repeat the action
  • Solutions are an exit in the document and repeatable the actual action

Booch, Shaw in 96 and Zahavi 95 has said good architecture is a critical factor in software development to succeed.

Principles of Antipatterns

  • Given the general view of the framework and they should recognize the configuration model and analysis of the engineering and likewise the focus on the central parts of the system[Hilliard 96]
  • An effective that provides the multiple viewpoints of the overall system. [ISO 1996]  [Hilliard 96]
  • The software architecture antipatterns are distinguished from programming in several ways. The characterization that s about the difference between programmer and architect that also takes their decision and choice or like about the cost impact. Many of the management, metric field, and architecture that force the key of software design and viewed the complexity and the architect are maximumly responsible for complexity managing.

Aspects of software designer

The software designer that focuses on some aspects of software engineering.

  • Interfaces:
  • Connections:
  • Partitioning:

The most larger group of the maintainer and developer where take the decision that how the architecture is usually implemented. So in the order of the management, these elements are effective and people that manage them significant challenges for the architects.


Some example are include

The designer Communicating the to design, achieving buy-in from managers and developers, and managing the implementation and extension of the design.


Some problems of the anti-patterns that are faced during the implementation, management, and creation of the architecture patterns.


The jumble means the horizontal and vertical design of the development of software. When the jumble is used to intermix the elements of the horizontal and vertical so the result is the unstable architecture of the software are appear.

Cover your Assets

The second problem and mistake of the antipatterns in which process the software that could be produced less the user requirements and specification because the authors making important decisions.

Architecture by Implication

The third problem of the architecture antipatterns which manage the risk follows the architecture during the development of software. A general design approach that is custom-fitted to every application framework can help recognize one of a kind prerequisites and hazard regions.

Design by Committee

The structure bodies of the antipatterns are designed by committee groups making excessively complex structures that need rationality. The improvement process facilitation and architecture clarification roles can refactor awful gathering procedures into highly productive events.

Swiss Army Knife

The interface of the swiss army knife is an unnecessarily complex class. All the possibilities are provided by the designer to attempt the used in the class. He includes a large number of interface marks in an attempt to endeavor to meet every single possible needed.

Reinvent the Wheel

The unavoidable absence of technology exchange between software projects to lead significant reexamination. design learning covered in inheritance resources can be utilized to reduce time-to-market, cost, and risk.

Grand Old Duke of York

Libertarian software process forms regularly ignore the individuals’ abilities of the people to the disadvantage of the undertaking. Programming skills do not like the ability in characterizing reflections. So there are two groups has been involving in the software development :

  • abstractionists
  • their partners the implementations.
Autogenerated Stovepipe

The anti-patterns have been happening when moving a current programming software system to be distributed infrastructure. An Autogenerated stovepipe are arises while changing over the current software system interface to be dispersed interfaces. If a similar event they should be used to distributed processes and inside the various problem arises.

Stovepipe Enterprise

The stovepipe Enterprise system has described by the product structure that restrains change. The subsystem has been describing how to abstract the refactored solution and the components to be achieved an improved system structure.

creational design patterns


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