E-Type software evolution

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E-Type software evolution

There are following E-Type software evolution are given below.

  • Continues changed:

Similarly to the E-Type software evolution, the real-world requirements must change in the program and the environment becomes less progressively used.

  • Increasing complexity:

Similarly to the E-Type software evolution, the tending structure of the software becomes more complex. Then the extra resource is used to increase the tends complexity and the unless work is done to maintain

  • Conservation of familiarity:

The familiarity with the software evolution about how it was developing, why it was developing in that specific manner. The lifetime of over the system the approximately incremental change in each release.

  • Continues growth:

In this evolution system, the functionality of the system is continually increasing and maintain the user specification. In the continued growth the measure of implementing the changes grows become to the lifestyle changes of the business.

  • Organization stability:

The lifecycle of the programs, its rate of development is approximately constant.

  • Reducing or Declining quality:

In this evolution, the quality of the system is declining unless and operational environment is changing.

  • Self-regulation:

In which the process of E-Type software evolution the distributing of self-regulation is the product and process are a measure to normal.

  • Feedback system:

In which the feedback process the multi-loop are constitute working and the multi-level feedback system must be treated such as successful to improve.

Software Evolution Law


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