Social Issues Of Computer Networks

Social Issues Of Computer Networks

The extensive overview of networking has introduced new social, ethical, and political hitches. Some of the social issues just briefly mentioned a few of them; a popular feature of numerous networks and newsgroups or bulletin boards whereby people can give-and-take messages and communications with like as of the one-minded individual. The issues come up when newsgroups are set up on issues that people essentially care about, like politics, religion, or sex. Furthermore, messages could not be limited to text. High-resolution color photographs and even short video clips can easily be transmitted over communication and computer networks.

Another social issue area is employee rights as opposed to an employer’s rights. A lot of people write and read an e-mail at work. Many employers have applied for the right to read and perhaps censor employee communications, as well as messages sent from a personal computer after work. All the employees do not agree with this.

Other key social issues are government against the citizen. The government does not have a monopoly on threatening peoples or public secrecy. The private sector does it a too bit. For example, minor or small documents and files called as cookies that web browsers or search engine stored at user’s computer permit companies and organization to track the user’s activities in cyberspace and also might be permit credit card numbers, social security and secrecy numbers, and many of other confidential info to leak all over the internet. Computer networks are allowed to send potential and hidden messages. In some situations, this ability might be desired.

Individuality robbery is becoming a serious issue as robs gather enough information materials about a victim to gain catch credit cards and many other additional information and documents in the victim’s name. Lastly, being able to transfer music and video in numerical form has opened the door to massive copyright violations that are firm to catch and enforce.

A lot of these issues have been solved if the computer corporation and organization took computer security seriously.  If all the conversations or messages will be encrypted and authenticated, it would be harder to commit mischief.

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