Mobile Users

Mobile Users

Mobile users, Mobile computers, such as notebook machines and personal digital assistant systems (PDAs), are one of the fastest-growing segments of the computer industry.  Many users of these systems have desktop computers back at the office and want to be linked to their home base even when away from home or en-route. Since here a wired connection is impossible to establish in cars and Airplanes, So, there is a wireless connection is maintained these links in a network.

Many peoples on the roads and many other sides often want to use their handy and portable electronic devices and equipment to send and receive telephone calls, electronic mail, surf the web, and faxes, access the remote files and log on to the remote machines. And they want to do this from everyplace or anywhere on land, sea, or air.

Wireless networks are also important for the military. If you have to be able to contest a war anywhere on earth on short notice, including on using the local networking infrastructure is possibly not a good idea.

Even though wireless networking and mobile computing are often associated with each other, they are not identical as shown in the below table. This table shows some differences between fixed wireless and mobile wireless. Even notebook computers system are sometimes wired.

For example, if a traveler plugs a notebook computer into the telephone jack in a hotel room, he has mobility without a wireless network.

Wireless Mobile Applications
No No Desktop computers in offices
No Yes A notebook computer used in a hotel room
Yes No Networks in older, unwired buildings
Yes Yes Portable office; PDA for store inventory

Table: Combination of wireless networks and mobile computing

An entirely different application area for wireless networks is the expected merger of cell phones and PDAs into small wireless computers.  One huge thing that m-commerce has going for it is that mobile phone users are comfortable with pay for everything (in contrast to internet users, who expect everything to be free).

Uses of Computer Networks


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