8 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know To Drive Your Business Growth In 2022

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8 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know To Drive Your Business Growth In 2022

The world of marketing moves at a lightning speed as apparent from the way the industry evolved during 2021.

Marketers largely embraced digital transformation by adapting to the changing business landscape during the pandemic. 2022 is also likely to see a big interest in digital marketing innovation as the current situations have put downward pressure on marketing budgets which means marketers look for more cost-effective tactics.

Regardless of the experience level, marketers don’t always find it easy to keep up with the changes. However, following the latest trends gives an edge in this fast-paced world by staying relevant with the audiences and reaching more people.

Let us look at some of the top trends you should consider adding to your marketing strategy in 2022 to see your business growing online.

1. Inbound Marketing Will Remain A Best Practice

Though inbound marketing has been around for years now, a big percentage of marketers say they will invest in this strategy in 2022.

The world has seen an unprecedented change in the last two years, with outbound marketing strategies proving to be less effective at reaching out to prospects.

As small business practices shift from in-person to virtual, inbound marketing comes to the forefront. It can be a useful tool when it comes to building trust and creating brand awareness through high-quality content tailored to the needs of the target audience.

2. Influencer Marketing Will Go Mainstream

Reports from marketing professionals suggest that most marketers would put influencer marketing at the top of their priorities for investment in 2022. This new form of marketing has gone from a new trend to a commonly used tactic because of its effectiveness at expanding brand reach and bringing new prospects.

Influencers are already experienced in the platform they are using and the niche they work in. They have an established audience that is interested in what they say and promote.

Micro-influencers are further gaining traction and can help small businesses connect with audiences, spread brand awareness, and convert leads, offering a cost-effective yet powerful way to grow the brand online.

3. Mobile Optimization Will Become More Significant

There is no doubt people are spending more time on their mobile than ever before. Today, over half of the online traffic comes from mobile devices.

As millennials and Gen Z users grow their buying power, businesses would feel the need to optimize digital experiences for mobile to appeal to this fast-paced generation of internet users.

4. Hybrid Events Will Be The New Normal

The shift to hybrid events is a change that is likely to become a norm. 2022 will see a mix of virtual and physical events, though up to 17% of marketers are willing to reduce their investment in this strategy.

However, despite losing some budget for hybrid events, marketers won’t abandon the virtual space anytime soon. These events have proven to be more sustainable and convenient for including a larger audience. In the next year, customers are likely to favor brands that adopt this model.

5. Investment In Automation & AI

AI has been used in the digital marketing landscape for quite some time now. In the coming year, businesses are likely to add AI-based features to their social media marketing and SEO strategies.

Artificial intelligence helps make predictions, thereby making it easy to create strategies to attract and retain customers.

As companies innovate, they are likely to rely on AI tools for automation like providing automated responses to queries, which could improve customer service. AI can also be incorporated into other digital marketing strategies like automating SEO by obtaining real-time data on keyword usage and much more.

6. Video Will Take The Top Spot

Video marketing has been topping the lists of the most effective marketing strategies for a few years.

Most marketers agree that video is the content format that brings the highest ROI. As 2022 arrives, you can expect brands to create more video content, either in the original form, as live streams, or in the form of short clips.

With low-entry barriers on most platforms, it is now easy to incorporate video content into marketing strategies, especially with an online video editor that makes it easy for creators to create, edit and repurpose videos effortlessly.

Coming years will see more of this format as companies have finally got comfortable creating videos and understood that it is effective at engaging audiences and retaining customers.

7. Increasing Popularity of Short-Form Content

Looking at the survey reports, it can be said that marketers will leverage the power of keeping their content short in the coming year. Most global marketing professionals consider short-form content effective in terms of results.

Though long-form content can give a breadth of information about products, services, and the brand, marketers have figured out that getting to the point with short videos is much more effective.

Not only is this type of format easy to produce but it also aligns perfectly with the short attention spans of the current audiences, and the growing lines of distribution for this format, ranging from TikTok to Youtube Shorts, and even Instagram Reels.

8. More Businesses Will Benefit From SEO

One of the primary objectives of marketers is to keep their content and sites discoverable. Though SEO is nothing new, it is evolving to get fused with modern marketing strategies. Up to 85% of marketers say they will continue investing in SEO in 2022.

As search engine algorithms change, SEO is no longer about answering search queries. Businesses are now hiring SEO experts who help use new tools and features of search engines to get their brand in front of audiences.

Final Thoughts

Staying updated with the latest trends in digital marketing is crucial for small and large businesses. Marketers should always be ready to adapt to the changes in the digital landscape to maintain authority, relevance, and popularity in their target markets.

Embracing these trends and strategies as a part of your digital marketing plan can set you up for success in 2022.


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