The Boom in Artificial Intelligence and how it can shape the future of telemedicine

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The boom in Artificial Intelligence and how it can shape the future of telemedicine

There’s increasing demand and need for smart healthcare. There’s an upsurge in telemedicine and telehealth, and with 78% of US healthcare establishments planning to implement them, there’s a huge scope for telehealth brands to revitalize the industry.

With the increasing adoption of newer technologies, the telehealth field will also see substantial growth in AI. From making healthcare available 24/7 and suggesting the best medicine/treatment options to reducing patients’ waiting time and improving the overall work environment, telehealth business can be a win-win situation for all parties.

  • Telemedicine has made remote diagnosis possible.
  • AI has redefined screening procedures. The number of hospital visits is decreasing each day.
  • As hospitals embed AI systems in their screening apparatus, they only need retinal images for the algorithm.
  • The AI algorithm assesses images, comparing them with previous reports/samples for an accurate determination of your condition’s magnitude.
  • AI integration in the screening process saves a huge amount of labor and time for both the doctor and patient, underlines Eric Dalius.

There are startups that are training and testing an AI algorithm for detecting the origin, occurrence, and spread of rare genetic malaises.


The new course

According to the latest reports, more than 50% of a doctor’s time goes at the desk and toiling with EHR, electronic health records. But with neural networks and data analytics witnessing huge advancements, you can retrieve HER more easily and efficiently.

  • Many companies have created a chat interface to analyzing systems and collecting patient data.
  • It stores the data in a way so that you can immediately retrieve it. You also have businesses concentrating on medical evaluations through implanting cloud technology and mobile devices.
  • Big data analytics is showing major trends that can revolutionize or at least, revamp pharmaceutical research.
  • It will be easier for labs to assess data, consolidate their test results, and recognize links or patterns.

Using AI for pattern/link recognition also has an added benefit. It can remove human bias as well. The telehealth industry is integrating machine learning into a medical diagnosis. It can be a game-changer in emergency situations, adds Eric Dalius.


The market movement

The telemedicine market primarily includes work areas that comprise online conferencing, real-time functions, mobile health, and remote surveillance.

Mobile health or mHealth is one of the most promising business ventures in this field. Companies are striving to support the current healthcare module through mobile appliances. These include iPhones, smartwatches, and laptops. They are pairing them with safety-first software applications.

  • In addition to allowing seamless doctor-patient communication, it also helps in accessing electronic health records with due permission from the authorities, specifies by EJ Dalius. Interpretation of large data for improving health systems has become easy.
  • AI can help in detecting chronic diseases early. It can also reduce the economic burden by curbing errors and controlling the entire health progression.

With malaises like Covid-19 and Ebola having no vaccines or treatments, the telemedicine world can detect the symptoms from the concerned patients online. Businesses need to provide pivotal information to core machine learning algorithms and train the AI models.


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