Introduction of artificial intelligence

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Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

Introduction of artificial intelligence, we will learn what is intelligence how it is related to artificial intelligence. How we can define artificial intelligence? History of artificial intelligence, how AI evolves in this modern era. Where artificial intelligence had been implemented it can be the education sector, industry sector, health diagnostic systems. What is machine learning? What is deep learning? What is data mining? What are the agents, types of agents and how they perform their jobs? Problem-solving algorithms. Genetic algorithms. How to communicate with agents that are known as natural language processing. Expert systems in artificial intelligence. What is the neural network where they come from? Purpose of the neural network and back-propagation. We will also define the human brain shortly to make much easier to understand artificial intelligence. We will also focus on robotics, software to be used for robotics development, programming languages that used to program robots. Parts of robots/ components of robots how robots and artificial intelligence interrelate with each other.

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence


The art of creating machines that make it possible to perceive reason and act. Machines that perform functions that require intelligence when accomplished by people.

“Computational intelligence is the study of the design of intelligent agents.” (Poole et al.,1998)


AI is one of the newest science. Artificial intelligence currently covers a huge variety of sub-fields, ranging from general-purpose areas. Such as learning and perception to such specific tasks as playing chess, proving mathematical theorems, writing poetry, and diagnosing diseases. AI systematizes and automates intellectual tasks and is therefore potentially relevant to any sphere of human intellectual activity. In this sense, it is truly a universe field.

History of Artificial Intelligence


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