Top 7 Apps for Java Learners

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Top 7 Apps for Java Learners

JavaScript is a popular programming language. It lets you create pokies for or more difficult games. But some think it’s hard to learn this language. It’s wrong. In fact, you can make this process easy with these 7 apps.


If you’re new to programming, SoloLearn will help you start. At first, all you have to do is drag and drop code snippets and do quick tasks.

It’s a program with an intuitive interface and four tabs: Learn – free coding lessons, Play – where you can compete with other users in online battles, Code – the built-in IDE, and Discuss – a place where experienced programmers give tips on coding tasks and answer questions by beginners.

Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a learning app for novice developers. The educational platform’s courses have videos and in-depth commentary, so users can understand the basic tenets of Java.

After completing the program, trainees will learn how to create apps from scratch. The platform has a built-in compiler and IDE to give beginners a lot of hands-on experience.


CodeGym is the most promising Java course on the market. It has about 600 programming lessons and 1,200 quizzes. The tutorials will help developers tighten up their knowledge and pump up their skills.


The assignments here are small and interesting. The app allows you to set up an individual learning schedule and track your progress on tests and practice assignments with a built-in dashboard.

Enki is a user-friendly app for beginners to learn Java programming. Comprehensive materials with all major topics are available to the user. To get started, you need to know the technical terminology at a basic level.

The basic version of Enki is free, but to get access to all the materials and practical exercises, a premium subscription must be paid.

Easy Coder

The app allows you to test your skills and learn real hands-on experience from professionals. It offers an integrated development environment and a wide range of tests that will help you improve your skills.

Easy Coder is an app for language learning with videos. It shows how to watch experienced developers coding in Java and explains every action in detail. This approach will help beginners to immerse themselves in the world of programming and learn how to solve simple problems faster.

The app is free, but it has in-app purchases and a testing system to get access to premium content.


The program offers different courses depending on how you use the language, whether you’re developing a web interface, creating mobile apps, or desktop software.

Codecademy boasts one of the largest developer communities with over 26 million active members. There’s an extensive package of free Java tutorials, and with a premium account, you can work with a personal assistant who will review each assignment.

While the platform isn’t particularly interactive, it finds solid ways to motivate users by giving them badges and unlocking additional content as they level up.


Once you’ve mastered the basic concepts, move on to more challenging content. The platform also has an offline mode. Novice developers can learn and improve their programming skills without an Internet connection.

Encode teaches beginners how to program in Java, focusing on Android development. To move to the next level of learning, the user must solve practical problems.


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