10 Best Node.js Development Trends for the Year 2022

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10 Best Node.js Development Trends for the Year 2022

Many technologies have grown in popularity in the last few years. On top of the list, you will find JavaScript language and Artificial Intelligence (AI). A lot of products are created using these technologies, particularly Node.js.

It is a web app framework that consists of libraries, helpers, and various tools that help you to create and operate enhanced and fast web applications. As per studies, Node.js has become popular since it has been able to reduce the annual development cost by about 12%.

In the past, we have seen plenty of technologies changing as per the trends, but given the applications and popularity of Node.js, most likely, it is here to stay and will remain in demand.

Why use Node.js?

Companies around the world are using Node.js to create their web application as it is extremely lightweight and has high flexibility. The development process is simple when you use Node.js because of the extensive libraries of JavaScript modules. It is an open-source framework that gives high performance for real-time applications. It will shine in 2022 and beyond:

  • It comes with simplified feature-driven applications and services in both vertical and horizontal standings.
  • Node.js’s performance is further enhanced with Google V8 engine, which counts fuel.
  • The Node.js community is huge, and hence developers get help to solve errors and discuss the challenges during the development process.

Here are some of the statistics that prove how popular Node.js is currently:

  • Node JS is used by at least 30 million websites.
  • Node JS is most popular in the US—over 63,000 websites visited in the USA make use of it.
  • Among the companies that have implemented Node JS are Netflix, Amazon,  Reddit, eBay, LinkedIn, PayPal and Tumblr.
  • Netflix and PayPal reduced their startup time from 40+ minutes to under a minute with Node JS.

Best Node.js Development Trends for 2022


– It is a query language that helps the client to request data from the server. GraphQL can query any type of data in a single request. Because of this feature, the performance is always on the higher side, and scalability is always possible. In the last few years, it is becoming really popular among companies and developers.

One of the biggest challenges for developers while fetching data is both over-fetching and under-fetching. This can be solved with GraphQL by giving developers the ability to control how data is fetched from the front end to the backend.

2. Real-Time application

– These applications provide a better user experience and convenience to the end-users. Today, most companies are looking to create a real-time application. The basic requirement to create a real-time application is to ensure the system operates without delay or latency – the response should be instantaneous.

Node.js helps developers build real-time applications with ease using sockets. Examples of real-time functionality are chat apps, social media, online games, etc.

3. MERN 

MERN stack is getting popular as it has specific advantages during the development phase. In MERN stack, every line of code is scripted in JavaScript, which makes context switching an optional task. Previously, tech stacks had different programming languages which were used together to create an application. Navigating across different frameworks was not that easy for the developers. This problem has been solved by the MERN stack.

4. Serverless Architecture

Node.js is known for its serverless architecture – to create an application there is no need of maintaining the servers. There is no dependency on hardware and servers when we use serverless architecture. A serverless architecture also helps in reusing code modules for app development. It also helps in reducing the cost, improves code quality, and provides greater flexibility. Some of the largest companies like Netflix and PayPal are using Node.js for their app development, and this feature is one of the main reasons for it.

5. Microservices

If you have a requirement to develop an enterprise-grade project, it is essential to leverage micro-services which are instrumental in supporting the serverless approach. Microservices offer many benefits to developers when it comes to performance and debugging the code. It allows splitting the different aspects of the application into separate services which makes debugging easier. This Node.js development trend has made it a popular choice for developing future-oriented apps. This is because Node.js offers independent reusability, scalability, and independent development.

6. Internet Of Things

Node.js has a feature-rich runtime environment that allows developers to implement on-time, data-oriented capabilities. Developers are trusting Node.js to build IoT apps for clients. Real-time apps are needed to handle many user requests, and Node.js has turned out to be a saviour. IoT apps not only deliver quality apps but also build a sure-shot solution for every problem and challenge. Its only drawback is the maintenance it requires- since even the slightest glitch can ruin the entire flow of data.

7. Cloud Computing

It is another technology gaining extensive popularity among startups and also big organizations. The main reason for it is its decreasing price, the price has slashed significantly in the last three to four years. It has allowed many businesses to go completely serverless and deploy their applications on the private or public cloud. Node.js has the advantage of being able to integrate with microservices architecture easily. This makes it suitable for cloud computing. The use of Node.js to build microservices and APIs ensures both seamless and speedy delivery with no performance limitations.

8. Flexible app solutions

We have discussed many reasons now for Node.js popularity. Another reason it is popular among developers is because of its single-threaded and asynchronous nature. Using these features, developers can create a performant and flexible system. This allows the developers to carry out multiple tasks without compromising their quality of service or efficiency. As a result, business owners also hire node.js developers in India to take advantage of these benefits as India is one of the favoured destinations of software developers.

9. Isomorphic Development

Full Stack JavaScript helps the developers save the cost of context switching that takes place between the backend and the frontend. Developer productivity and speed increase when using universal or isomorphic development. By living in the same monorepo, backend and frontend code can be shared and also reused.

10. Enterprise App Development

Beyond web development, Node.js and NPM packages can be run in the cross-platform and command-line desktop applications. Electron is one such framework that is used to develop desktop GUI applications. It helps in using one language to create multiple systems.


These are the ten best Node.js development trends for 2022 though the list does not end here. Node.js comes with many features, and companies use it as it is not expensive and businesses can afford to develop apps in Node.js. A number of global brands are now continuously increasing their usage on their platforms. Hence framework is observing good growth and it is here to stay.


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