The Best Node.js Tools for Developers

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The Best Node.js Tools for Developers

By leveraging the immense potential of Node.js, software developers all over the world have been able to come up with fast, reliable, and scalable web applications for a myriad of purposes. Even though web and software development is constantly evolving, Node.js is one of the best and most reliable tools in the business. Here are some of the best Node.js tools that software developers love to use.

  1. Mocha.js: This is a pretty cool framework that is based on Node.js. It allows the developer to test an application in the console as well as the browser. It can be used to speed up the unit and integration testing process. It is a very reliable tool.
  2. Express.js: This is a web application creation framework that can be integrated directly with the Node.js framework. Its main use is to create Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. The node can help create the server-side of the website and express.js can help create the app side.
  3. Chai.js: Chai.js (or tea) is a TDD and BDD framework that is usually teamed up with a testing framework like Mocha.js. The main use of chai is to verify the results obtained from using mocha.js. It can be run in a browser or in Node.
  4. Meteor: Meteor is basically a framework that is based totally on the Node.js system. It is truly the best platform to use if you are interested in cross-platform scripting. Meteor can be used to design applications for Android, iOS, web, etc. It can also be integrated with MongoDB.
  5. Webstorm IDE: For large-scale projects, an integrated development environment or IDE is very important. The Webstorm IDE is compatible with Node.js and is also a powerful tool that can be used to build client and server-side apps. It is a tool that was tailor-made for Node.js.
  6. Keystone.js: Keystone is the platform of choice for developers who are new to the world of web app development. This is an open-source full-stack environment that is ideal for developing CMS applications. It can be paired with MongoDB and is a very powerful tool for creating APIs.
  7. A socket is a node.js tool that allows you to start bi-directional communication while you are developing. It is independent of the software or hardware platform being used. The platform also comes with real-time analytics. It is used by big and small firms alike.
  8. PM2: PM2 is a production process manager that was tailored for Node.js. It comes with a set of in-built amazing features that will allow you to set up an ideal production environment. This tool is an indispensable lifesaver and is also the icing on the node.js cake.

These are 8 amazing tools that you can use to simplify your Node.js production process. With the help of these tools, you will be able to create powerful web apps that can be used for a wide range of applications. It is a multi-purpose tool and is just ideal.


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