Top 5 Swimming Diapers Reviews

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Top 5 Swimming Diapers Reviews

What could be a better sight than seeing the joy in your young ones’ faces as they have unparalleled fun in the water? As soon as this gets interrupted by an unfamiliar voice ordering everyone to vacate the water at once, all the fun goes downhill. Not to mention knowing it was your baby who was the cause of the pool evacuation. 

Bathroom accidents are the number one cause of disrupted water fun. And rightly so. Because who would want to swim in a pool with floating poop?

Sounds disgusting, but that babies are unable to: a. control their poop, or b. think of the repercussions of pooping whilst enjoying fun water time is one important factor to take into consideration.

The solution: swim diapers

That said, we’ve listed our top five swimming diapers below: 

Overall best swim diapers: Beau and Belle Littles (BB Littles) Nageuret Infant Reusable Swim Diaper

With a collection of waterproof, adjustable, and reusable swim diapers designed to keep solids in the swim diaper, the Nageuret Infant Reusable Swim Diapers are the best overall diapers out there. They come in two different sizes with snaps around the waist and the abdomen that can easily be adjusted to ensure a snug fit.

Best affordable swim diapers: Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Pants

What we like about the Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Pants is their 360-degree stretchy waistband for a stretchy fit, making it comfortable when worn even in the water. It also has dual leak-guard barriers that make the diapers fit snugly around the baby’s legs, preventing the poop and pee from leaking. 

Best designed swim diapers: Green Sprouts iPlay Swim Diapers

iPlay swim diapers have most of the designs we love- from dragonfly floral, seahorses and seashells, to rainbow fish- even moms get excited just seeing their vivid and fun designs. That’s not to say their patented design only offers exciting designs- they’re also breathable, absorbent, and waterproof. These diapers are definitely noteworthy in comfort and design. 

Best swim diapers for infants: ALVABABY Baby Swim Diapers

When starting your baby’s swim training young, savings need to be considered especially since it’s going to be a long journey. Alva baby swim diapers are reusable and designed to fit various body shapes for your growing baby, plus it offers the same outer polyester with PUL and inner polyester mesh as the Nageuret- a big plus in comfort and accident proofing. 

Best athletic swim diapers: FINIS Swim Diaper

Finis sponsors athletes, so if you have an athletic baby, you’ll know pretty well that Finis will know his needs. Their swim diapers may be small, but they’re packed with features to take care of your baby’s athletic needs. Apart from their snug and elastic around waist and legs fit, your child is also protected with its UPF 50+ and 100% polyester lining. 


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