Form and Its Component In Database

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Form and Its Component In Database

Form And Its Component In Database: A form consists of different GUI components or controls that are designed on the form for various purposes. The major components of the form are described below.

Drop-Down List Boxes

A drop-down list box presents a list of items from which a user can select an appropriate item. The user can also add new items to the drop-down list box, but it depends on the property of the list box.

There are several advantages of the list box. The main advantages are

  • It is the easier and correct way to choose an item from the list rather than to enter an item into a text box.
  • It provides a suitable way to enter valid data values into the database.
  • It provides a quick way for data entry.

Option Button

The option button is used to display a set of choices or option form which the user can select only one. An option button is also referred to as Radio button. This button appears on the form as small circle with a caption. When it is selected, a dot appears in the circle. If another option is selected from the set of options then the already selected button is automatically de-selected. Therefore, the option button are manually exclusively.

The radio button must be connected with the table column, so that application program can access the data of the selected option to and from the database.


The Group control is also referred to as Frame Control. The frame control is typically used to group related controls together on a from. Usually, the multi-valued attributes are grouped together in the frame control.

Check Boxes

The checkbox control is used to display multiple choices or options from which the users can select one or more. When an option is selected by clicking it, usually a tick mark (√) symbol appears in the checkbox. An empty or blank box indicates that option is not selected. When a selected check box is clicked, it is de-selected and the tick mark disappears.

The checkbox control returns a Boolean value 1 or 0, representing Yes or No. The application program uses these values for making decisions and to access data to and from the table columns if the user selects the option.

Command Button

The command button is also known as Push Button. It is the most common element of the GUI used to perform an action when it is clicked with the mouse. It is used as a push button in the application.

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