Difference between C++ and C#

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Difference between C++ and C#

There is some basic difference between C++ and C#.


  • C++ is the advanced form of C programming language.
  • C++ is a case sensitive, general-purpose, object-oriented, procedural and generic programming language.
  • C++ supports the destructor concept.
  • C++ supports all types of inheritances.
  • C++ manages the memory using manual methods.
  • In C++ pointers can be used anywhere in the program.
  • Programming of C++ is based on OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts.
  • Programs that develop on C++ programming language run on all platforms.
  • C++ programming language easy to learn.


  • C# is pronounced as “see sharp”.
  • C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft .Net framework.
  • In C# programming language multiple inheritances are not possible.
  • In C# programming language memory management handled automatically.
  • In C# programming language pointers can be used in unsafe mode.
  • Programming of C# is based on OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and components programming.
  • The C# programming language that rarely used outside the windows.
  • In C# programming language programmer can develop console applications, windows applications, mobile applications, etc.

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