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ChatGPT Prompts For Resume Writing

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Resume Introduction:

A resume typically consists of several key sections that provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s qualifications, skills, and work experience. Here is a list of common sections found in a resume:

  1. Contact Information:

– Full Name

– Phone Number

– Email Address

– LinkedIn Profile (optional)

– Professional Website (optional)

Prompt 1:

Provide a sample format for [Full Name] presenting contact information [Phone Number], [Email Address], [LinkedIn Profile], and [Professional Website] on a resume, including the optimal placement and formatting for a professional appearance.

Prompt 2:

Describe the essential components of a professional’s contact information on a resume, [Full Name], [Phone Number], [Email Address], [LinkedIn Profile], [Professional Website] emphasizing the importance of clarity and accuracy. Provide tips on creating a professional email address.

Prompt 3:

Generate an example of how to format contact information for a [Job Title], considering the inclusion of time zone details and [Full Name], [Phone Number], [Email Address], [LinkedIn Profile], [Professional Website]. Discuss the implications of global job searches.

  1. Resume Objective or Summary:

A brief statement highlighting your career goals, skills, and what you bring to the table. This section is optional but can be beneficial to provide a quick overview.

Prompt 1:

Generate a resume summary for an experienced [Your Job Career] or [Skill Name] exploring new opportunities, emphasizing a unique design approach, versatility across platforms, and a track record of delivering visually stunning projects.

Prompt 2:

Craft a resume objective for a career changer transitioning from finance to human resources as a [Job Career] or [Your Skill] highlighting transferable skills, a commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture, and an eagerness to apply financial acumen to HR challenges.

Prompt 3:

Discuss the significance of tailoring resume summaries or objectives to [Your Job Career] descriptions and industries. Provide tips on aligning this section with the employer’s needs and showcasing how the candidate can contribute.

  1. Skills:

A list of relevant skills, both technical and soft skills, that align with the job you’re applying for. This section can be divided into categories such as technical skills, communication skills, etc.

Prompt 1:

Imagine drafting a skills section for [Candidate_Name], an experienced [Field/Industry]. Generate a list that showcases [Candidate_Name]’s proficiency in [Skill_1], [Skill_2], and [Skill_3]. Use the [Candidate_Name] in your response.

Prompt 2:

Create a skills section for [Candidate_Name], a recent graduate seeking a position in [Industry]. Highlight [Candidate_Name]’s technical skills such as [Technical_Skill_1], [Technical_Skill_2], and [Technical_Skill_3]. Use the [Candidate_Name] in your response.

Prompt 3:

Craft a skills list for [Candidate_Name], a professional transitioning to [New_Industry]. Focus on transferable skills like [Transferable_Skill_1], [Transferable_Skill_2], and [Transferable_Skill_3]. Use the [Candidate_Name] for personalization.

Prompt 4:

Generate a skills section for [Candidate_Name], a sales expert with strengths in [Sales_Skill_1], [Sales_Skill_2], and [Sales_Skill_3]. Ensure the response highlights [Candidate_Name]’s ability to drive revenue and build client relationships. Use the [Candidate_Name].

Prompt 5:

Imagine you’re helping [Candidate_Name], a [Job_Title], enhance their resume. Create a skills section that emphasizes [Candidate_Name]’s proficiency in [Skill_Area_1], [Skill_Area_2], and [Skill_Area_3]. Use the [Candidate_Name] for personalization.

  1. Work Experience:

List your work experience in reverse chronological order (most recent job first). Include the following details for each position:

– Job Title

– Company/Organization

– Location (city, state)

– Dates of Employment (start and end dates)

– Bullet points outlining key responsibilities and achievements

Prompt 1:

Imagine you’re detailing the work experience for [Job_Title] at [Company_Name], located in [Location]. Provide key responsibilities and achievements during the employment period, starting from [Start_Date] to [End_Date]. Utilize the [Job_Title], [Company_Name], [Location], [Start_Date], and [End_Date] for customization.

Prompt 2:

Craft the work experience section for [Job_Title] at [Company_Name], based in [Location]. Highlight specific achievements and responsibilities held during the employment period from [Start_Date] to [End_Date]. Use  [Job_Title], [Company_Name], [Location], [Start_Date], and [End_Date] for more details and customization.

Prompt 3:

Generate the work history details for [Job_Title] at [Company_Name], situated in [Location]. Outline responsibilities and achievements during the employment period from [Start_Date] to [End_Date].

  1. Education:

List your educational background in reverse chronological order.

– Degree Earned

– Major/Field of Study

– School Name

– Graduation Date (or expected graduation date)

– Academic Achievements (optional)

Prompt 1:

Imagine you’re highlighting the education details for [Degree_Earned] in [Major_Field] from [School_Name]. Use the [Graduation Dates], and optionally include any noteworthy [Academic Achievements].

Prompt 2:

Generate the education details for a resume, showcasing [Degree_Earned] in [Major_Field] from [School_Name]. Include the graduation date or expected graduation date, and optionally highlight academic achievements. Use [Degree_Earned], [Major_Field], [School_Name], [Graduation_Date], and [Academic_Achievements] for further more details.

Prompt 3:

Imagine you’re detailing the educational background for a candidate with a [Degree_Earned] in [Major_Field] from [School_Name]. Include the graduation date or expected graduation date, and optionally showcase [Academic_Achievements]. Utilize [Degree_Earned], [Major_Field], [School_Name], [Graduation_Date], and [Academic_Achievements] for educational background.

Feel free to replace the placeholders such as [Degree_Earned], [Major_Field], [School_Name], [Graduation_Date], and [Academic_Achievements] with the actual details you want to include in each response. Using these shortcodes will help personalize the generated content.

  1. Certifications:

Include relevant certifications and licenses, especially those that enhance your qualifications for the position.

Prompt 1:

Imagine you’re assisting a candidate in enhancing their resume. The candidate has earned various certifications that add value to their qualifications. Provide a well-structured and impactful Certifications section for their resume, showcasing relevant certifications such as [Certification_1], [Certification_2], and [Certification_3]. Include details such as the name of the certification, the certifying organization, and any pertinent dates. Emphasize how these certifications contribute to the candidate’s expertise and suitability for the targeted position.

Prompt 2:

Generate the details for a resume’s certifications and licenses section, showcasing significant qualifications like [Certification_License_1], [Certification_License_2], and [Certification_License_3].

Prompt 3:

Create the certifications and licenses section for a candidate, more emphasizing on [Certification_License_1], write a little bit on [Certification_License_2], and [Certification_License_3].

  1. Projects:

Highlight specific projects you’ve worked on, particularly if they demonstrate relevant skills or achievements. This section is particularly useful for individuals in technical or creative fields.

Prompt 1:

Imagine you’re helping a candidate showcase their project experience. The candidate has worked on diverse projects in [industry/field]. Generate a compelling Projects section for their resume, highlighting key projects such as [Project_1], [Project_2], and [Project_3]. Include details like the [Project_Name], [Duration], [The_role_ played], and the impact [Achievements].

Prompt 2:

Craft the Projects section for a candidate specializing in [technology/field], emphasizing their expertise. Include notable projects such as [Project_1], [Project_2], and [Project_3]. Provide details on the technologies used, project goals, and the candidate’s contributions.

Prompt 3:

Generate a Projects section for a candidate in [industry/field], showcasing their hands-on experience in managing and executing projects. Highlight projects like [Project_1], [Project_2], and [Project_3]. Include details on the project scope, team collaboration, and achieved outcomes.

Feel free to customize these prompts by replacing placeholders like [industry/field], [Project_1], [Project_2], [Project_3], and others with specific details relevant to the candidate you are working with.

  1. Awards and Honors:

Showcase any awards or honors you’ve received that are relevant to your professional achievements.

  1. Top Performance Recognition:


Describe a significant award or recognition received for outstanding performance in a sales role. Utilize [Sales-Award].

  1. Leadership Accolades:


Highlight a leadership award received by a project manager for successfully leading a team through a challenging project. Use [PM-LeadershipAward].

  1. Innovation Award:


Detail an innovation award or honor received by a software engineer for implementing a groundbreaking solution. Employ [SE-Innovation].

  1. Industry-Specific Recognition:


Include a prestigious industry-specific award or honor in the resume of a marketing professional. Use [MP-IndustryAward].

  1. Community Service Recognition:


Share details of a community service award received by a healthcare professional for contributions to community health. Utilize [HA-CommunityAward].

Feel free to customize these prompts according to specific achievements or industry contexts.

  1. Publications (if applicable):

Include any publications, articles, or papers you have authored or co-authored.

  1. Research Paper Publication:


Include a research paper on artificial intelligence authored by a data scientist in the publications section. Utilize [DS-AIPublication].

  1. Industry Articles:


List two industry-related articles written by a business analyst in the publications section of the resume. Use [BA-IndustryArticles].

  1. Technical Blog Contributions:


Highlight contributions to technical blogs by a software developer. Include the relevant details using [SD-BlogContributions].

  1. Medical Journals:


Incorporate publications in medical journals for a healthcare researcher’s resume. Utilize [HA-MedicalJournals].

  1. Marketing Whitepapers:


Include whitepapers on marketing strategies written by a marketing professional. Use [MP-MarketingWhitepapers].

  1. Languages (if applicable):

List any languages you are proficient in, indicating your level of proficiency (e.g., fluent, intermediate).


  • English: Fluent (Native)
  • Spanish: Proficient
  • French: Intermediate

Prompt 1:

Write a languages portion for my resume writing in bullets formate.

  1. Professional Memberships (if applicable):

Mention any professional associations or memberships that are relevant to your industry.

  1. Volunteer Experience (if applicable):

Include volunteer work, specifying the organization, role, and dates of involvement.

  1. Interests or Hobbies (optional):

Include this section if you want to showcase personal interests or activities that demonstrate qualities such as teamwork, leadership, or dedication.

  1. References:

“References available upon request.” Including actual references is becoming less common, but you can have a separate list ready if requested.

Remember to tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for, emphasizing the most relevant information for that particular position. Each section should be clear, concise, and focused on showcasing your qualifications and achievements.


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