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Knowing how to measure the inseam is important when shopping for pants or shorts, especially when buying online or from a store that doesn’t offer fitting rooms. The inseam is the distance between your crotch and the bottom of your leg, and it’s essential to get an accurate measurement to ensure a proper fit. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to measure your inseam.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

To measure your inseam, you will need a tape measure, a pencil or pen, and a flat surface such as a table or the floor.

Step 2: Put on Fitted Clothing

To get an accurate measurement, wear fitted clothing such as leggings or shorts. Loose or baggy clothing can interfere with the measurement and result in an incorrect inseam measurement.

Step 3: Stand with Your Feet Apart

Stand with your feet apart, about shoulder-width distance. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground.

Step 4: Measure from Crotch to Ankle

Using the tape measure, measure from the top of your inner thigh, near your crotch, down to your ankle bone. Make sure the tape measure is straight and not twisted.

Step 5: Record Your Measurement

Using a pencil or pen, record the measurement on a piece of paper or note it on your phone. Double-check to make sure the measurement is accurate.

Step 6: Determine Your Inseam Length

The inseam length is the measurement you just recorded. This measurement is used to determine your proper pant or shorts length. Look for a size chart from the brand you’re interested in buying from and compare your inseam measurement to their size chart to find the best size for you.

In conclusion, measuring your inseam is a quick and easy process that can be done at home. By following the steps outlined above, you can get an accurate measurement and ensure that you find the best-fitting pants or shorts. Remember to wear fitted clothing, use a flat surface, and record your measurement accurately. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to confidently shop for pants and shorts online or in-store.

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