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how to make yourself cry

How to Make Yourself Cry

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How to Make Yourself Cry: Crying can be a cathartic experience and can help release pent-up emotions. However, sometimes we find it challenging to cry, even when we want to. In this article, we will guide you through some techniques that can help you make yourself cry.

Step 1: Think of a sad memory

The first step in making yourself cry is to think of a sad memory. It could be a breakup, the loss of a loved one, or a difficult time in your life. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the memory and feel the emotions associated with it.

Step 2: Watch a sad movie or TV show

If thinking of a sad memory doesn’t work, try watching a sad movie or TV show. Choose a movie or show that has a storyline that resonates with you and allows you to connect with the characters on an emotional level.

Step 3: Listen to sad music

Another technique to make yourself cry is to listen to sad music. Choose a song that has personal significance to you or one that has lyrics that evoke strong emotions. Let yourself feel the emotions that the music brings up.

Step 4: Use eye drops

If you want to make yourself cry for a performance or acting role, using eye drops can help. Eye drops containing menthol or eucalyptus can cause your eyes to tear up.

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Step 5: Use visualization techniques

Visualization techniques can also help you make yourself cry. Close your eyes and visualize a sad scene in your mind. Imagine the details of the scene, such as the setting and the people involved, and let yourself feel the emotions associated with it.

Step 6: Use onion or pepper

This technique may seem unusual, but cutting an onion or pepper can also help you make yourself cry. The fumes from the onion or pepper can cause your eyes to water and make you cry.

In conclusion, crying can be a powerful release of emotions. While it may not always come naturally, using these techniques can help you make yourself cry. Remember to take care of yourself and your emotional well-being, and don’t feel pressured to cry if you don’t want to.


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