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How do I register to vote?

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How do I register to vote?

The gubernatorial elections of unites states are on the head. Elections are going to take place in thirty-six states and three territories of the United States on 8th November 2022. Along with gubernatorial elections, federal, local bodies and state elections are going to be conducted by state administrators and local bodies.

Why do I register and vote?

  • As an educated and concerned citizen of the country, one should cast the vote, because every single vote matters.
  • Elections are always been impactful to every individual in the country directly or indirectly.
  • The vote gives you the right to raise your voice against injustices and oppressors.
  • Your vote can make a huge difference in the change that you want to bring.
  • The vote brings revolution.

How do I know if I am eligible to vote? 

To make yourself eligible to vote in local, federal, and state elections, you need to fulfill the following criteria.

  • You must be a registered citizen of the United States.
  • In local bodies elections, you can vote no matter if you’re registered as a US citizen or not.
  • Fulfill requirements of residency as per your state’s policy (a homeless person can also meet these requirements).
  • You must be 18 years old to cast vote (local elections allow 16 years old citizens to cast vote).
  • Registered by your state before the deadline to cast vote.

Methods to register yourself to vote

There are three ways to register yourself to vote;

  • Online registration at
  • Download the Registration form from the election assistance commission website.
  • Visit nearby Local government offices such as the department of motor vehicle, army recruitment centers, and public assistance offices such as WIC, etc.

Steps to register yourself to vote

STEP 01: Open your web browser.

STEP 02: Go to the USA government website.

STEP 03:  Click on the “start your registration on” button.

STEP 04: Select the state and territory

STEP 05: Now fill out the application as per instructions.

STEP 06: submit your application, you are all done.

Online registration at USA Government Website ( 

The following steps will help you with your query “how do I register myself to vote?”

STEP 01: Open your web browser. Make sure to have a good/hurdle-free internet connection.

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STEP 02: Go to the USA government website.

STEP 03:  drag down the page and click on the “start your registration on” button.

STEP 04: Select the state and territory where you’re resident.

STEP 05: Now as per the policy of your state, a window will appear which will portray a series of instructions that will help you to fill the registration form.

Download the Registration form from the election assistance commission website (


You can also download the form from the EAC website.


STEP 01: Download the form available in 21 languages.

STEP 02:  Get the form printed and then fill voter registration application. Make sure to read and understand the state and general instructions carefully before filling it.

STEP 03: submit the voter registration application by mailing your application to the address, specified in the state instruction.

Follow these three simple steps and submit your application for voter registration. Another way of applying is you can direct visit local public assistance offices. They have separate spaces for voter registration application submission. A dedicated person will guide you regarding the procedure and rules of application.

Don’t wait for the deadline register yourself today and be a responsible citizen of the country.


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