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What is Area 51?

Area 51 is a military installation in Nevada, United States. It is a secret military unit of the US Air Force. On Groom Lake in southern Nevada. The small American cities of Rachel and Hiko. Located next to the secret objects of Area 51 in Nevada, are bracing themselves for an influx of visitors. It is operated by Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California. The installation has been the subject of many conspiracies related to extraterrestrial life. Although it only confirmed use is to flight tests.

Area 51 Map

Area 51 locates in southern Nevada, in the western United States, 134 km northwest of Las Vegas. The region is a standard visitor and tourist destination. As well as the small town of Rachel on the alien freeway. Area 51 borders the Yucca Flat area at the Nevada test Area. Which houses 739 of the 928 nuclear experiments conducted by the United States Department of Energy on the NTS.

The nuclear discarded of storehouse on Mount Yucca is 44 miles (71 km) southwest of Groom Lake. Area 51 is not accessible to the public and is monitored 24 hours a day. Area 51 is the common name for the U.S. Air Force top-secret ability to be found on the Nevada working out ground. This ability is officially called Homey Airport (KXTA) or Groom Lake, known as after the Salt Flat, located next to its aerodrome.

area 51 storehouse

Flying over Area 51 is also illegal, although this location is now visible on satellite images. The base has runways up to 12,000 feet long (2.3 miles / 3.7 km). The facility is located next to two other restricted military areas. A Nevada training ground where American nuclear weapons have been tested from the 1950s to the 1990s and a training camp in Nevada. The full range covers over 2.9 million acres of land. According to the US military it is a flexible, realistic and multifaceted battle space. For testing tactical development and advanced training.

What is Area 51 History?

During the Second World War (1939-1945), the US Army Air Corps used this Area 51 as a shooting range for aerial gunnery. In 1955, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) selected the area as the training ground for the Lockheed U2 reconnaissance aircraft. President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961) authorized the tests, which was to be code-named AQUA TONE. Testing began in July 1955.

Area 51 History

After the commissioning of U2 in 1956, Area 51 was used to develop other devices. Notably the A12 reconnaissance aircraft (also called OXCART) and the F117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. In 1989, a man named Robert Lazar stated that he was working in ​​extraterrestrial technology in Area 51. Lazar told Las Vegas television reporter George Knapp that he had seen photographs of an extraterrestrial. Autopsy inside an object and that the United States government had used the object to inspect the foreign vessels found.

History of Area 51

On June 25, 2013, the CIA approved the publication of declassified documents recounting the history of the U2 and OXCART programs. They released the documents in response to a request for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Submitted in 2005 by American intelligence historian Jeffrey T. Richelson from the National Security Archives at George Washington University.

The release of the documents marked the first time that the United States government officially recognized the existence of Area 51. According to the CIA, the following U2 test flights and military aircraft represent UFO sightings in the area. Workers of Area 51 are arriving at the facility by air.

They fly to and from the closed terminal at McCarran International Airport on one of the many unmarked planes. That can fly over the airspace above Area 51 (airspace R4808N). Until recently, they censored satellite images of the facility. Since 2018, Area 51 has been visible on Google Maps.

What Happened at Area 51?

Area 51 has generated more conspiracy theories than perhaps any other military installation in the world. Here we find out “what happened in Area 51” of this secret US military installation.

Matt Roberts, 20, made headlines on Facebook, suggesting that we can run faster than their bullets. We will see them as extraterrestrials. Two million people said they were leaving. Although the linked festival has since been rescheduled for fear of the possible humanitarian disaster. Trespassers will not allow warning signs around Area 51 clarity.

Area 51 Training

The US Air Force has warned that Area 51 is a built-up training ground for the US Air Force. We do not recommend anybody tries to enter the zone anywhere. We train the United States Army. It added: The US Air Force is at all times prepared to look after the United States and its assets.

A small Nevada town was preparing for an original alien-themed music festival. Which sparked a viral joke on the Internet. Expecting 5,000 to 25,000 visitors to their desert little town of 40 to 50 residents. But what happened this weekend in Rachel, Nevada, was not a distant disaster that many feared.

It was impressive said Matthew Carswell, 22, who flew from Miami to Nevada in search of an Alien stock. It was a very good environment. Despite the small number of arrests, it was mainly the invasion of a friendly humanity. Most people have to come, to meet around the world and to the gathering in peace.

What does Area 51 look like?

The area surrounding the lake is constantly inaccessible to normal civil and military air traffic. Security clearances patterned regularly and they do not allow cameras or weapons. Even military pilots who train at the NAFR risk penalizing accomplishment. If it redirects them to the exclusive box that surrounds the Groom’s flight exclusion zone. Monitoring is enhanced by hidden indication sensors. Area 51 is the usual end point for Janet Airlines. A small task force of traveler aircraft functioned on behalf of the Air Force for the transportation of armed staffs. Foremost from McCarran International Airport.

The USGS topographic map of the region shows simply the abandoned Groom mine. The Civil Air Travel Charter, put out by the Nevada Section of Transference. Includes a huge controlled area distinct as part of the airspace controlled by Nellis. The National Atlas demonstrates the zone of ​​Nellis Air Base. There are an advanced resolution and new imageries accessible common sing additional settlement image suppliers. As-well-as Russian and IKONOS providers. They include runways, basic objects, vehicles, and planes.

Area 51 look like


How look like Area 51?

On June 25, 2013, the CIA released the official history of U2 and OXCART tasks. That recognized the presence of Area 51 in response to a 2005 request. For Free will of Information Law by Jeffrey Richelson of the US National Security Archive. George Washington University it contains many links to Area 51 and Groom Lake and a map of the region.

Typically, when you turn on Highway 375 from Crystal Springs, Nevada, a large green sign appears near the picnic tables. That obscure the trees under the relentless desert sun. EXTRA TERRESTRE ROAD says the poster in a futuristic retro font that offers a space computer. They named this road after Independence Day because it is the closest asphalt site to Area 51. Many curious visitors have traveled miles searching for plane tests and drone attacks. Hoping to see something they could boast of having known about UFOs. For decades, some have believed that the secret base contains not only planes within their borders. But also possibly aliens and their technology. It is a conspiracy theory based not so much on aerodynamic observations as on strangers and the words of a man named Bob Lazar. But the region embraces its fame with a wink and a nudge.

What is going on in Area 51?

Although there is little official information, it is believed that the U.S. military continues to use Area 51 to develop the most advanced aircraft. It estimated that approximately 1,500 people work there, many of whom travel on charter flights from Las Vegas.

Area 51 going on

According to Annie Jacobsen, they find some most advanced spy programs in the world in the region. Area 51 is a test and training center. The research started with a U2 reconnaissance aircraft in the 1950s and has now moved on to drones.

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As to whatever general public can discover if they really attack Area 51, Jacobsen will not take risks. This is whatever initiatives the thought of the plot. But the capability is the cradle of so-called (ISR) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.

Therefore, to contemplate that the federal government does not have a perfect awareness of ​​who they are? When they arrived and where they are currently is exceedingly native. Someone has no way of approaching secret objects.

In the end, it is almost impossible to imagine that the government could work outside the walls of Area 51. The contract of the military intelligence community is to make armaments schemes. And monitoring raised area at which no one can deliberate. They wouldn’t do their profession if we could properly conceive what they are an achievement.

What is Area 51 aliens?

The connection of Area 51 with strangers could serve as a useful distraction for special services. As early as 1950, the CIA developed a UFO office to monitor unidentified flying objects over Nevada. When people first saw the flight of a U2 spy plane, no one knew what they saw. The CIA took advantage of this disinformation by developing the mythology of others.

More recently, in 2017, the Pentagon announced that between 2007 and 2012, Nevada senator Harry Reid directed the U.S. Department of Defense program that investigated reports of flying saucers that also covered the pocket and his friend’s search engine. Robert Bigelow, whose investigation has helped the company receive most of the $22 million the program has completed. None of this research relates to or affects Area 51. But it’s easy to see how the mysterious military zone of the gigantic desert can cause speculation. Especially if you know the government won’t investigate the aliens.

Area 51 aliens

For most people, the extraterrestrial tradition in Area 51 is only a small aspect of the broader. Public interest in the potential existence of mysterious aliens and UFOs, but probably not sinister. But every good state plot includes something. That is running out of control with the Area 51 meme this summer, and that’s exactly what happened.

The awareness that the community believes that unknown in the air, sea plane or, as the Navy in recent times said. Unknown inflight happenings are coming from the universe. Helps to conceal the real evidences of their top-secret agendas.

What is Area 51 used for?

Officially, this is an assessment area for the US Air Force. Area 51 is the secret base of the US Air Force in a training camp in Nevada. A large government facility on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Area 51 used for

The CIA eventually used it as a platform to cultivate and experiment a U2 investigation plane. Which was supposed to the secret agent on the Soviet Union? Top secret military base, With the ability to fly at an altitude of 70,000 feet. U2 was generally confused with UFOs by civilians on earth. Who could not imagine how something could fly so high?

Organization of the capability was transferring to the US Air Force in the getting on 1970s. But the government did not in public own up its presence till 2013. When the CIA released bring out official papers allowing. They used it as an installation assessment for the OXCART U2 and A12 inflight investigation agendas.

Belong to these official papers. The layer of confidentiality contiguous Area 51 was supposed to store info from the Soviet Union. So as not to hide confirmation of space life. President Barack Obama come to be the first United States president to indication Area 51, at the Annual Kennedy Center Honors later that year. Until then it was officially a state secret.

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