Learn the simple steps of writing a check to make secure payments.

Gather Materials

First, gather your checkbook and a pen. Make sure you have enough funds in your account.

Fill in the Date

Write the current date in the designated field. This is usually at the top right corner of the check.

Payee Information

Specify the payee by writing their name on the 'Pay to the Order of' line. Be accurate to avoid errors.

Numeric Amount

Write the payment amount in numeric form in the box provided. Be precise and avoid leaving space for alterations.

Written Amount

In the line below the payee's name, write the payment amount in words. Double-check for accuracy.

Memo Line (Optional)

If necessary, use the memo line to add a brief description of the purpose of the payment.


Sign the check in the bottom right corner. Your signature validates the transaction.

Review and Confirm

Take a moment to review all the details on the check. Ensure accuracy before proceeding.

Secure Handling

Congratulations! You've written a check. Hand it over securely, and keep a record for your records.