Happy Birthday to a hardworking personality! I know, I have achieved my goal only because of your faith in me. I just want to say thanks for everything 

Happy Birthday to my favorite Teacher! I like your teaching method most, I have learned everything from you

Happiest Birthday my Teacher! you are the one who taught me everything and who helped me reach my goal

Happy Birthday my most respected Teacher! I pray to God to give you every facility in life. May you have many many more

Happy Birthday to my Teacher! May God bless you with countless happiness and endless love

Happy Birthday to you! my Teacher, you have done everything for me to make me the person I am now, may God give you whatever you want

Happiest Birthday to the most honorable teacher! you are not only my teacher but my support, my mentor

Happy Birthday my Teacher! you are the person whom I value the most and respect the most. I just want to say thanks for every single thing you have done for me

Happy Birthday to the best Teacher of my life! may God bless you with all the love and support

Happy Birthday to a very special teacher! you are the first teacher who took care of their students like a father. You have such a captivating and decent   personality