Happiest Birthday! to the most sophisticated woman I know! I found myself very lucky to be your daughter

On your special day, I want to say thanks for all the unconditional love you gave every single day. Happiest Birthday!

Happy Birthday! to the bestest mom in the world, who gave me life and taught me everything to survive!

Happy Birthday! to the wonderful woman! You are the reason for my smile and everything good happening in my life is because of you

Happiest birthday! to the queen of my Life, my dearest mom! wishing you all the happiness possible came on your way today

Words can't express your importance in my life, wishing you a very Happiest birthday MOM!

Happy Birthday! MOM! My love for is everlasting, May you live long, and May your shadow remains on us as a blessing

Happiest Birthday! to the world's greatest Mom anyone could ever wish for,you have the heart of gold and the most pure soul ever existed 

I can't imagine my life without you MOM! wishing you the Happiest birthday! May all your desires come true!

Happiest Birthday! to the most precious person of my life! I can't say thanks enough o GOD for giving such a caring and loving mom