What is Area 51 used for?

Officially, this is a assessment Area for the US Air Force. Area 51 is the secret base of the US Air Force in a training camp in Nevada. A large government facility on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Area 51 used for

It was eventually used by the CIA as a platform to cultivate and experiment a U2 investigation plane. Which was supposed to secret agent on the Soviet Union. Top secret military base, With the ability to fly at an altitude of 70,000 feet. U2 was generally confused with UFOs by civilians on earth. Who could not imagine how something could fly so high.

Organization of the capability was transferred to the US Air Force in the getting on 1970s. But the government did not in publicown up its presencetill 2013. When the CIA released bring outofficial papers authorizing. It was used as an installation assessment for the OXCART U2 and A12 inflight investigation agendas.

Belong to these official papers. The layer of confidentiality contiguous Area 51 was supposed to store info from the Soviet Union. So as not to hide confirmation of space life. President Barack Obama come to be the first United States president to indication Area 51, at the Annual Kennedy Center Honors later that year. “Until then,” “it was officially a state secret.”

Area 51

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What is Area 51? Area 51 is a military installation in Nevada, United States. It is a secret military unit of the US Air Force. On Groom Lake in southern…

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