Semantic Data Model

Semantic Data Model: These models are used to describe the conceptual and external levels of data. They are independent from internal level of database. They specify what is to be stored in the database. These models use concepts such as entities/objects, attributes and relationship between entities/objects.

The most popular semantic data models are

  • Entity-Relationship Model
  • Semantic Object Model

Record-Based Data Model

Record-based data models are between conceptual data model and physical data models. These are also known as Representational or Implementation Data Model. These models are used to describe conceptual, external, as well as internal level of database. These models provide concept that may be understood by end-user but hide some detail of data storage. These models represent data by using record structures that is why these are known as Record-Based Model. These models are used in traditional commercial DBMS.

The major types of these models are

  • Hierarchical Data Model
  • Network Data Model
  • Relational Data Model

Data Model In Database

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