Components Of Electronic. Electronics is the science that deals with electrical devices and the circuits. That operate by controlling the flow of electrons and other charged particles. This branch of science deals how electrons behave in gases, vacuum or semiconductors.

The basic components that frequently used in electronics are. 1) Resisters 2) Capacitors 3) Inductors 4) Transistors 5) Diodes etc.

This is not a complete list of components there are many components. That belongs to the electronic but these are the basic components of electronic. That commonly used in electronics. Using these basic components, it is possible to create more useful. And complex things like amplifiers, oscillators, transformer, relays, and motors, etc. Various other things that can be manufactured or created using these basic components. 1) Amplifiers 2) Oscillators 3) Transformer 4) Relays 5) Motors etc.

There are many other complexes that can be manufactured by using basic electronic components.