Boxing Day Quotes

Some famous philosophers and writers had written many important and famous quotes.

Some of them are as follows,

It was a boxing day Christmas Present. I think you could say it was a lack of concentration that would be one way of putting it. We shoot ourselves in the foot today. Our contribution for all three goals was very poor.

-Neil Wornak

Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.


Everything is pretty much as normal for a boxing day meet, but support is up, definitely. There’s a very resilient feeling-people want to see an end to this stupid act


“We wish you a Happy Boxing Day and send you much love. We pray to the Almighty to shower choicest best blessings of love and happiness upon you and your family.”


“May the love and feelings of this boxing day give you a reason to smile till the last minute of this year. Have a fun filled day as you spend time with those that matter.”