Boxing Day History

Boxing day has its unique and famous history in all over the world. Mostly country in the world had an important and famous cultural event on that day.

In United Kingdom it is famous for Bank Holiday. If the boxing day occurs at the Saturday, then they celebrate it on Monday. It is celebrated as Bank Holiday in UK since 1870s.

In Scotland all the bank in the country remains close at that dayand this is happening since 1970s.

In Ireland they celebrate boxing day is celebrated as the public holiday and the public and government sector remains close that day.

In Hong-Kong boxing day also celebrated as a public holiday.

In the Australia they also celebrate this day as a public holiday except in the state of South Australia.

In Canada, that day is a federal holiday. Government Offices, Banks and post offices at that day remain close. And in some provinces this day considered as a working day and no holiday consider on that day.

In Nigeria boxing day is a public holiday for students and working people of all sectors either government or private employee. If this day falls on Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday consider on Monday.

In other countries such as Singapore, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago boxing day is popular for a public holiday and celebrated with religious activity with family and friends.