How to write a check: a step by step guide

How to write a check

How to write out a check


How to write a check

How to write a check: A check is a form of record that directs a bank to transfer the money from an individual person’s account to another’s or organization’s account in whose name the check is issued. A check is widely used to make reliable and convenient payments.

How to write a check?

Writing a check is quite easy, and below given this tutorial shows you exactly how to fill a check.

  • Step 1: Mention the date on the check
  • Step 2: Mention the Name of Recipient
  • Step 3: Write the Amount in words
  • Step 4: Write the Amount in Digit
  • Step 5: Fill the Memo
  • Step 6: Sign the Check



STEP 1: Mention the date on the check

The very first step of writing a check is to write the date on your check at the top right-hand corner. Date can be written out in words (i-e: Nov 1, 2020) or in numbers (10/01/20 or 10/1/20)

STEP 2: Mention the name of the recipient on the check

Mention the name of recipient on the check

Write the name of the person or organization you’re paying in the pay to the order line.

STEP 3: Write the Amount in words on the check

At the left write the amount in the line under your recipient’s name in the words. For example, you should write $5370 as “Five thousand three Hundred seventy”.


STEP 4: Write the Amount in digit on the check

Write the amount in digits at the right in the middle of the box with the dollar sign to match the words amount you wrote in the line.

STEP 5: Fill the memo part on the chek

Fill the memo part on the check

Fill out the “Memo” line which is optional but helpful to remind you about what and why you wrote the check. It could be Fees, Bill, Monthly Rent, Car Repair, etc.


STEP 6: Sign the check

Sign the check

On the bottom right-corner line Sign your name this makes sure the bank agrees to pay the amount on the check. The following parts are already filled in the check:

  1. The Bank details on the check

Bank details on the check

At the top left hand, there is a pre-defined bank name, logo, and address. All these details are already written where anyone’s account is registered.

  1. Check Number

Check Number

The check number is the unique pre-defined 6 series or different numbers at the top right-hand side of the check. The check number is essential for tracking the person/company for whom the check has been drawn out.

  1. Bank security code

Bank security code

The bank security code is the unique security code of every bank mentioned at the bottom of the check.

4. Customer Details

This portion of the check contains customer details i-e an IBAN number for individual customers. IBAN number is nothing new but modified format of your bank account number for international recognization. IBAN number has fixed length containing the first two digits of country code, next two digits of check digits, next 4 digits of bank code, last 16 digits will be of your account number.


For more detail watch this short video