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How to Two Hand in Elden Ring

How to Two Hand in Elden Ring

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How to Two Hand in Elden Ring, The highly anticipated action role-playing game, has finally been released, and players are already immersed in its vast open-world and engaging gameplay. One of the key elements of Elden Ring is combat, and mastering it is essential for progressing through the game. One combat technique that players need to learn is how to use two-handed weapons effectively. In this article, we will discuss how to two-hand in Elden Ring and some tips to improve your gameplay.

To two-hand in Elden Ring, you first need to equip a two-handed weapon. You can do this by opening your inventory menu and selecting the two-handed weapon you want to use. Once you have equipped the weapon, press and hold the triangle button on PlayStation or the Y button on Xbox to two-hand it.

When you two-hand a weaapon, it increases the damage output and changes the move set of the weapon. Two-handing also changes the way your character moves, allowing for more sweeping and powerful attacks. However, two-handing also means you cannot use a shield, making you more vulnerable to incoming attacks.

To master two-handing, here are some tips:

  1. Timing: Two-handing requires you to be aware of the timing of your attacks. Two-handed weapons are slower than one-handed weapons, so you need to time your attacks carefully to avoid being caught in a counter-attack. You can practice timing by fighting weaker enemies or using a training dummy.
  2. Positioning: Two-handing also requires you to position yourself correctly. Two-handed weapons have longer reach than one-handed weapons, so you need to be aware of your positioning to avoid being hit by your opponent’s attacks. You can practice positioning by fighting enemies that have a longer reach than you.
  3. Stamina management: Two-handing consumes more stamina than one-handing, so you need to manage your stamina effectively. You can do this by using the right weapon for the right situation and avoiding spamming attacks.
  4. Mix it up: Two-handing can be predictable, so it’s essential to mix up your attacks. Use a combination of light and heavy attacks to keep your opponent off balance and create opportunities for counter-attacks.
  5. Practice: Finally, practice is essential to master two-handing. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable with the move set and timing of your two-handed weapon.

In conclusion, two-handing in Elden Ring is a useful combat technique that can increase your damage output and change the way you approach combat. However, it requires careful timing, positioning, stamina management, and a mix of attacks to be effective. With practice, you can master two-handing and become a formidable opponent in Elden Ring’s vast open-world.


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