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How to get free robux step by step in details

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How to get free Robux

How to get free Robux: Robux (R$ in short) is a kind of digital currency. But it is different from the normal digital currency in the sense that it is the currency accepted for games on Roblox. The Roblox is a gaming website aimed to provide a platform where people from different parts of the world can play online together. With Robux, one can purchase avatars, skins, premium games, level promotion, and unlimited lives, etc.  

Robux (R$) is purchased with real money from Roblox. But this article will show you how people were got free Robux in past.

There were few steps to follow

  • Step 1: Go to the link
  • Step 2: Searching 
  • Step 3: Downloading and installing 
  • Step 4: Checking Roblox account 


STEP 1: Go to the link

Once a YouTube video creator uploaded a video. He gave a link in the description which leads to a kind of app store on screen.

STEP 2: Searching 

He explained step 2 as Search the apps that can give Robux (R$). Make sure you have got an account on Roblox. To search the apps write free Robux (R$) in the search bar and press the enter key.

STEP 3: Download and install

Few apps can transfer free Robux in the account. Upon installing they can transfer a pretty much good amount of Robux (R$) in the account.

STEP 4:  Checking Roblox account

After installing the apps, free Robux (R$) was added to the account.

But the twist is this method was a scam and reported by the roblux officials. After inquiry directory of Google and other search engines removed that site but the video is still available on YouTube. In a practical sense, there is no way to gain free robox (R$). Robux (R$) can only be earned from Roblox. Many sites on Google talk and write about it but it is a scam. If you will access the link given below you can see the official website of Roblox and their stance about getting free Robox.


Here is the snapshot of the Roblox FAQs section.

Roblox FAQs section
Roblox FAQs section

The company explains that there no such method exists through which one can get or generate free Robux (R$). There are only a few methods to earn Robux (R$). So be aware of such websites and YouTube videos that explain the way of getting free Robux (R$) because it is nothing but a scamBesides content creators on YouTube use these types of titles for getting watch time and views. People on the internet also sell Robux (R$) for relatively low cost as compared to the company but all you get is a disappointment because they fraud with you.

Furthermore, the official website of Roblox also explains the methods to achieve Robux (R$) from their website. The link is attached for reference and a snapshot from the website of roblux for earning their gaming currency.

Ways to get robux
Ways to get robux

Click the image given above to access the website if you are interested to know more about Robox (R$) currency.


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    It’s important to be aware that there are no safe ways to get free Robux. Trying to get free Robux through third-party websites or apps could lead to scams that compromise your account information or even harm your device. If you’re looking to earn Robux, you can check out Roblox’s Developer Exchange program where you can earn Robux by creating and selling in-game items or experiences.

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