Controlled Process in Attention

Controlled Process in Attention

Controlled Process in Attention: Laws that prohibit text messaging and the use of cell phones while driving are still making the news. The dangers of mixing these activities are well recognized at this point. Many of the problems have something to do with where a person’s hands are while driving a vehicle. However, another issue concerns the question of where a person’s attention is directed while driving. Some scientists have suggested that distracting attention. And other mental resources away from driving is a bigger problem than where one’s hands are. This brings us to the concept of controlled processing at the district level.

Conscious Control

Controlled process in attention is available to conscious control and even require it. Such processes are performed consecutively, for example, when you want to compute the total cost of a trip you are about to book online. In other words, controlled processes occur sequentially, one step at a time. They take a comparatively long time to execute, at least as compared with automatic processes. the range of controlled processes is so extensive and diverse that it would be hard to characterize all the controlled processes in the same way.

Controlled processes are processes in the mind that require a large part of a person’s mental resources. In general, controlled processing is best performed when only controlled activity occurs. Automatic processes are processes that use only a few mental resources, and several of them can take place simultaneously. Both types of processing assume cognitive resources. Cognition is the name given to the mental activity of processing information about the world around us and deciding what to do with that information.

Controlled Process in Attention Examples

Various tasks that start off as controlled processes finally become automatic ones as a result of practice. This process is usually called automatization. For example, driving a car is at first is a controlled process. Correspondingly, when you initially learn to speak a foreign language, you want to translate word-for-word from your native tongue which is a controlled process actually.

A controlled process turned into an automatic process when you get used to with it. According to the above-given example initially learning driving of a car is a controlled process but once you get used to then it became an automatic process because you learn to each and every tern of driving. The summaries and characteristic of the controlled process are given below:

Controlled Process in Attention

Automatic Process in Attention


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